E-mail marketing with a very high response rates

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The vast majority of e-mail marketing campaigns do more harm than good.

It completely baffles my mind that someone can think bombarding people with promotional e-mails is at all a marketing strategy. The funny thing is, we all use e-mail and know exactly how annoying it is, to receive all of these promotional e-mails. I highly doubt the marketing manager or person responsible for making the decision, to bombard their customers with promotional mail. Goes to work in the morning, excited to see what promotional e-mails they have waiting for them.

In the modern times of an absolute overflow of information, people have become excellent at filtering and blocking out information. If you are sending out promotion after promotion, you are wasting server capacity.
If you get any responses you should be excited, it is a miracle.

Aligning goals

When you are composing marketing e-mails, one should understand, that despite the fact that your sole aim is to market or sell a product. The reader is busy with their own lives and going about their business. Unless luck has it that, they were looking for what you are offering at that time, you are going to struggle to get their attention.

If your goal is not only to sell but also to inform, maybe give a tip or an interesting read, then goals can be aligned. Is the reader benefiting from the e-mail, in any way other than senseless marketing and or selling techniques?

Creating a series to look forward to

Imagine if you can find a way, to really get the reader engaged and looking forward to your next mail, this can be accomplished by setting up a series of emails that follow on each other. It is almost like writing a story that engages with your readers.

Give them something they enjoy, but also let it carry over to next week. Try and get some curiosity going and encourage a bit of engagement or feedback. Getting the readers to participate by making suggestions etc.

Give your readers cool stuff.

One of the easiest ways to change the perception of you readers about your emails is, to give them great stuff. This can be various things. You can give them a weekly joke, a funny video or a guide on how to do something.

It does not have to be a physical item, just something they can use or enjoy. Once you start thinking about things that are related to your industry, more ideas will pop up.

Start by asking the right questions.

First ask yourself what can I send to my mailing list, that they would enjoy or find useful. Then ask yourself how I can use that, to promote my offering. Always look at how you can add value to your mailing list. Remember you want to establish a relationship with your list. If your subscribers feel that they can trust you, they will trust your opinion and also follow your recommendations on products or services.

Treat your list well.

An email marketing list can be a very very valuable asset. If you treat the list like gold, that is what it will become. It is like anything else in life, by adding value, you will receive value.

If you change your approach to e-mail marketing as per the above, you will see your marketing campaigns come alive and experience conversion rates like never before.

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